About Us

The Ideal Theater & Bar opened in October 2022. It is a family enterprise owned by Kenyon Thorp, Kansas Thorp, and their father Jim Thorp. Kenyon oversees the day-to-day operations and books all of the shows and events.

The Ideal was opened to provide something new to the Cedar Rapids area – a dedicated live music and entertainment venue. The Ideal is here to give you a reason to dress up, go out and enjoy yourself. With our jam-packed slate of events and shows, there is ALWAYS something going on at The Ideal and ALWAYS “something to do” with your evening. What’s more, as a smaller venue we are able to offer an intimate atmosphere and a friendly price point.

The Thorp family shares a deep affinity for camaraderie, merry-making, music and dancing, and when you step into The Ideal, you step into our world. We promise you’ll have a lot of fun here.