Beaker Brothers

Beaker Brothers


To ensure that your JavaScript file is not cached by browsers, you can append a version number to the script URL. This version number can be dynamically generated to change every time the file is modified, ensuring that the browser always loads the latest version. A common approach is to use the file modification time as the version number. T

  • he $hook parameter represents the current admin page.
  • The $typenow global variable holds the post type of the current post being edited.
  • The script is enqueued only if the current screen is the edit or add new post screen for the ‘speaker’ post type.
  • wp_enqueue_script is used to include your JavaScript file. Update the path (get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/speaker-edit.js') to the actual path of your JavaScript file.
  • The array('jquery') part indicates that your script depends on jQuery. Remove it or replace it with the actual dependencies of your script as needed.

Remember to replace the path to the JavaScript file with the correct path according to your WordPress theme or plugin directory structure. Also, ensure that the ‘speaker’ post type is the correct slug for your custom post type.